Meet Jade!

Breed: Female Domestic Long Hair
Age: 3 years old 

Hi there! I'm Jade and I'm here to tell you that when you're nervous, there's nothing better that hiding under a blanket! Or a towel, in my case. I figure if I can't see what's out there that scares me, then it can't hurt me. That's good logic right? And there's lots of scary noises (like barking dogs) here at the shelter. But I do like scritches around my chin and ears, as long as you move slow so that I have some time to realize you're not one of those scary things. 
I think if I can find a family that is patient with me and willing to give me time to get used to things, I'll come right out of my shell and be the perfect family cat. What do ya say? Wanna take me away from here and into your home? If interested, please email

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