Cultural Development Fund Recipients Announced in Niagara Falls

May 16, 2019

By: Marcie Culbert

The latest recipients have been announced for the Niagara Falls Cultural Development Fund.

Thirteen local programs, projects, and initiatives will receive a cheque from the City this year.

They are as follows;

- Alley and Laneway Project
- Day of 1,000 Musicians
- Feed Me
- Funk-tional Art Installation
- Mock Archeological Dig
- Niagara Falls Writers Festival
- Niagara's Gift Shop
- Opera Niagara
- Pollinator Trail Sculpture Competition
- Shift
- The Boy from Niagara
- The Harder They Fall
- Water for Life Children and Adolescent Workshops.

They all celebrate Niagara Falls heritage in an engaging and accessible way.

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