River Mornings with Barn & Marie


Barn was born and raised in Niagara, and has two younger siblings (but they're catching up!)

He enjoys running, being outside, eating anything delicious and napping (he's basically like a dog with a little less shedding!)

Even if he wasn't up for the show, Barn is DEFINITELY a morning person, and would be up before the sun ON PURPOSE. BUT he can stay up IF it's worth it (sports are almost always worth it!)

Favourite teams: Oilers, Packers, Blue Jays and Raptors.
Favourite foods: Pasta, BBQ'd meats, pizza and chicken fingers. Seriously, the chicken fingers thing is a problem!
Favourite quote: Attitude is a choice, not a result!
Home life: Two cats (Louie and Steve), one amazing and PATIENT wife, with a new baby on the way in September! (Barn as you know him will cease to exist shortly afterwards!)

Barn sadly refers to himself in the third person when writing bios.

Marie was born in the country outside Hamilton in a little place called Alberton. She's worked in radio across Southern and Central Ontario before landing in Niagara about six years ago.

Marie loves news and information and the mornings...but not as much as Barn. Oh, and all the Buffalo chicken dip! And...definitely naps.

Marie lives in Stevensville with her husband, son and cat Geoff. She enjoys talking and singing to Geoff and he loves to talk back! Yes, Geoff is a cat. Favourite teams? Ummmm...sports?

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