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PM Challenged to Cut Gas Taxes for Summer

Conservatives say it'll reduce the price at the gas pumps by 35-cents a litre

The Prime Minister has been challenged to eliminate taxes on gas and diesel fuel from this weekend through to Labour Day.

That came from Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre, who made the ask at a gas station in Vancouver yesterday, where the price is $1.99/litre.

"If you wonder how we can pay for it, this Prime Minister is spending $21-billion on consultants.  100% increase on the money going to high priced consultants, like those that gave us the arrivescam app."

He says this will reduce the price at the pump by 35-cents a litre.

He added people need to get to work, despite pressure from environmentalists.  "The people you see driving up these streets, in pickup trucks, these are the plumbers that clear the pipes when your bathroom breaks down.  These are the people building the homes that you hope to live in one day, who fix the electrical outages."  

He accused the Liberals and NDP of importing oil from countries like China.

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