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Budget Talks in Niagara Falls Council Chambers

Feb 27, 2019

By: Marcie Culbert

Niagara Falls City Council talked potential budgets for 2019 at their meeting last night.

Acting Director of Finance Tiffany Clark gave councillors three options for the operating budget, to keep the taxes down.

"It's the status quo net levy of 1.64 percent, the second option was (reduce impact to) 0.495 percent and the third option was (reduce impact to) zero percent."

They also looked over a potential capital budget of almost $41 million. 

Councillors decided to defer approval on both budgets until March 19th.

Mayor Jim Diodati says they're weren't ready to give the green light to both budgets right away.

"I think the feeling around the Council Chambers was we want to give it an extra set of eyes. What do they say, measure twice cut once? We want to have a good healthy discussion on the budget."