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Advanced Notice Helps with Immigration: Councillor

Diana Huson met with federal officials, saying Niagara can accommodate

A Niagara Regional councillor has met with the federal government to help asylum seekers still arriving in the region.

Diana Huson says they're expecting to use about 1,200 hotel rooms into next year, as well as connecting people to local resources.

"I think they were very receptive to working together with us, recognizing that we play an important role in terms of connecting those resources, and making sure people are able to access local resources."

She says the number of people arriving has gone down, it was about 5,000 people.

She also sent a clear message during the recent meeting with the Immigration Minister, pointing out Toronto has much better resources to help than Niagara.  "Our message to the Minister was that we would like to be part of the conversations when the decisions are made about who's coming to Niagara and when, instead of getting a phone call the day before or the day of, as an FYI."

She told the Immigration Minister that Niagara can be more accommodating with better advanced warning. 

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