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Hospice Niagara Looks to Upgrade Call System

You can donate here, through Giving Tuesday

Your chance to help Hospice Niagara buy even more advanced equipment for its residents is today with Giving Tuesday.

Senior Director Sue Shipley tells us they're hoping to replace the nurse call button system they've had since 2007, with an updated version.

"It might just be a gentle tap, and it can go off.  Or they can blow on it, or they can just move it slightly, and that will ring the system."

She adds they're hoping to reach $80,000 today.

The money will help with more than just buying a new system.  "Putting in a new system would require a refit, and that's where some of the cost comes in as well.  So, it's not just buying the actual technology, it's a big project."

Hospice Niagara says this new technology will help people nearing the end of life, and are too weak to call for help with the older system.

You can donate by clicking here.

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